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When couples get stuck they often need another perspective to get them unhooked - Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem at the level of thinking that got you into it.” Relate’s therapy team combines over a century of training and therapy experience with modern relationship research, neuroscience. We have had the privilege of helping thousands of couples rediscover the magic of their connection. At the start of Covid Relate’s clinical director, Steven Dromgool started developing online resources to support Relate’s couples through the lockdowns and resultant stress. There was a huge response to these and Relate was approached by the NZ Defense Force to provide resources for troops deployed overseas - 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions was the result and quickly proved to be a success particularly with men who found the shorter TED style talks easy to digest and understand. Since then Relate’s team has been steadily producing courses on topics ranging from betrayal recovery, addiction and pornography, connecting men in relationships, escaping fight club, 30 day reconnection guide, the communication bridge and more . . . Relate’s Resource Library Membership is just $15 USD per month and you can cancel anytime. For the cost of Netflix you can get access to tools that can transform not only your life but the lives of your children.

  • Focused, Solution Driven Information The 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions gives you the 5 most important lessons couples learn in the first months of therapy - in 60 minutes.

  • Know ‘What Divorcers Wish They Knew’ 28 lessons to help get your partner into counseling and then how to move through counseling quickly and effectively.

  • Extensive Review of Solving Couple’s Biggest Complaints Intensive courses on Fighting, Communication, Connection, and Gender Differences created by expert Steven Dromgool using Attachment Theory and Neuroscience.

  • Accessible Special Topics: Relationships often struggle with controversial topics like ‘Escaping Toxic Masculinity’ and ‘Sex & Pornography Addiction in Relationships.’ Couples struggle to know where to get good information.

  • Know Thyself: Healthy relationships require two healthy individuals. ‘The Search for Ourselves’ and ‘Emotions 101’ help people create a better relationship with themselves.

  • Rebuild Trust, Rebuild Happiness: Marriage Researcher, John Gottman, found the #1 factor in relationship happiness is how much a woman trusts her man. ‘Broken Trust: How to Recover from Betrayal’ uses a Q&A format to answer complex questions and to create a foundation to rebuild trust and happiness.

  • Relate’s ‘30-Day Relationship Challenge’ requires 3 minutes of focussed effort and attention a day for 30 days you create a better relationship the easy way, in small, manageable steps.

A good relationship is the key to health and longevity

Harvard Study on Adult Development

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What this unique community gives you...

Relate's resource library gives you 24/7 access to the questions couples just like you have asked over the years and the chance to interact and pose your questions for the team and the rest of the community. For us its all about connection!

  • Targeted videos with demos and explanations on topics ranging from communication to fight stopping and how to repair trust

  • 200+ targeted lessons to give you a lifetime of strategies.

  • Limited Offer: Free Professional Consultation for the 1st 50 new clients ($50 USD value, available after first billing)

  • Relationship Tune-Ups to ensure your relationship stays strong

  • Q&A with the Experts Get access to the community chat to get answers to your questions

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The Relate Team

Counselor Trainer and Director of Relate Relationship and Couples Counselling NZ

Steven Dromgool

Steven is Oceania's is the founder and clinical Director at Relate, New Zealand’s largest Relationship and Marriage Therapy Team. After his own marriage failed Steven started traveling around the world to train under experts including Harville Hendrix, John and Julia Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Maya Kollman, Ellen and Peter Bader-Pearson, Sue Johnson, Terry Real and Esther Perel. He has been actively involved in promoting and linking therapeutic and brain science insights to produce more powerful and integrated connection solutions. Steven led the Relate team in developing an integrated approach to working with couples called PORT (Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy). During Covid Steven and the team have been focussed on developing online resources to help resource couples around the world in times of stress.

Wellness Educator

Daniel Gummo

Dan's goal is to help develop a sense of connection and meaning in a world that is often lonely and aimless. He sees a lack of information as the largest obstacle. Therapy is a complicated process with many misconceptions, Dan's goal is to help people get the most out of the counseling process. He brings his experience as an Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapist, Community Mental Health Supervisor, Behavioral Health Trainer for the University of Alaska, and Director of Premier Community Supports to the Relationship Champions Community.

Just for fun

Steve and Dan, Spreading Love

We met at an experiential retreat 2018, becoming fast friends. Other than bonding over trekking, chili sauce on eggs and dry humor - we recognized that the world needs emotionally connected men. Our passion for connected living, deep communication and the pursuit of better relationships helped us to create Relationship Champions.

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After the trial period ends members will be automatically billed to the card on file. Our intent is to offer these services at the lowest possible rate so we do not refund for partial months or if you forget to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. When you cancel the membership you will access to the library till the end of the billing month.