The 5 Secrets of Relationship Champions gives you an expert couple counselor's unfiltered perspective on why couples struggle and the 5 most important skills to build an awesome relationship.


Skills that helped 1000s of Couples

Are you ready to: Build a Happy Relationship - That Lasts! Quit the power struggle! Stop driving your lover crazy! Stop fighting - Immediately! Build lasting love in 20 minutes a day! When relationships are going bad, we all feel hurt and alone. But you don't have to stay stuck!

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    The 5 Secret Strategies Relationship Champions use to repair disconnection and build an amazing connected love.

    • Lesson 1

  • 3

    5 Stages of relationships and how to get out of the power struggle

    • Lesson 2

  • 4

    How to stop driving your lover crazy (and how to help them feel loved and safe)

    • Lesson 3

  • 5

    How to stop a fight immediately (and 3 slower strategies)

    • Lesson 4

  • 6

    5 easy strategies to build lasting love in just 20 minutes a day

    • Lesson 5

  • 7

    Bonus Chapter: How to have a happy relationship (even when there has been a trust breach)

    • Bonus Lesson

  • 8

    Advanced Appreciation

    • The Advanced Appreciation Dialogue: Bringing avoiders and pursuers together

  • 9

    Relationship Check-In Dialogue: Staying on track

    • The Relationship Check In: Keeping the connection strong

  • 10

    The Daily Dialogue: Building communication in everyday life

    • Exercise 3: The Daily Dialogue

  • 11

    How to Make Amends

    • Exercise 4: The Amends Dialogue

  • 12

    Building Affection: Hero Hug & Madonna Hug

    • Exercise 5.1: The Hero Hug

    • Exercise 5.2: The Madonna Hug

  • 13

    Bonus: The Total Apology

    • Bonus Exercise 1: The Total Apology

  • 14

    What's Next?

    • Checking In

  • 15

    How to use Relate Unlimited

    • Step by Step Instructions

Relationships are important... You may only get one chance

Complete information and Concise information with now second guessing because of the 30 day guarentee.

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The 5 Secrets: All the most important information - no more searching.

  • What you will learn in 5 Secrets

    How to Stop Fighting - Immediately! The Secret to Happiness in Relationship. How to escape the Power Struggle. How to stop driving your lover crazy (except in bed). How to build lasting love in 20 minutes.

  • Want an intimate, loving and passionate relationship? (Tip 1)

    Success Tip 1: Knowledge without Action will not help you. I'm a trainer - not a genie. Every Secret has an accompanying Strategy that you need to apply.

  • Success Tip 2

    Action without Effort will not help you. Transforming a Relationship (like Renovating a House) is not a straight line. Every Secret has an accompanying personal challenge you need to overcome.

  • Success Tip 3

    Effort without meaning will not prevail. Relationship Champions are committed to something and someone (including themselves). Every Secret asks you to grow as a person. Are you Ready?

Why Wait?

This offer is the cost of a single therapy appointment. Why wait till it's the last resort? Having a good relationship is not only possible - it's easier than having a bad relationship.

...we walked out smiling

by Julie AKL, NZ

I walked into our first session with Steven thinking our Marriage was over, we had not been intimate for over a year and our marriage was a cold, frozen wasteland. We walked out smiling and laughing and after a dinner where we actually talked we spent the evening in bed making love like it was the first time ever.

...helping me find my man again

Sarah TRG, NZ

Steven is a magician - I almost didn't recognise my husband, he was relaxed and laughing and then he turned to me and apologised for the way he had missed me - there were tears in his eyes - I still can't believe it. We still struggle and get stuck sometimes but we know how to unhook ourselves and we are a team. Thank you for helping me find my man again.


Steven Dromgool

Counselor Trainer and Director of Relate Relationship and Couples Counselling NZ

Steven Dromgool

Steven is Oceania's is the founder and clinical Director at Relate, New Zealand’s largest Relationship and Marriage Therapy Team. After his own marriage failed Steven started traveling around the world to train under experts including Harville Hendrix, John and Julia Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Maya Kollman, Ellen and Peter Bader-Pearson, Sue Johnson, Terry Real and Esther Perel. He has been actively involved in promoting and linking therapeutic and brain science insights to produce more powerful and integrated connection solutions. Steven led the Relate team in developing an integrated approach to working with couples called PORT (Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy). During Covid Steven and the team have been focussed on developing online resources to help resource couples around the world in times of stress.