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    Betrayal Shock

    • Why should I sign up for a course on dealing with betrayal and damaged trust?

    • After an affair, asking 'Why?' is a bad idea - it encourages lies!

    • After an affair or betrayal, why do I feel so crazy?

    • What if my partner is narcissistic, What should I do?

    • My partner broke my trust, I want to know why, but questions aren’t helping. Why?

    • Are the intense emotions after betrayal just an overreaction?

    • Why are emotions after broken trust so powerful and challenging?

    • Why do we feel so crazy after a relationship betrayal?

    • After a betrayal, will our relationship ever go back to the way things were?

    • What is the problem with getting lots of information about how to deal with broken trust?

    • Can I read a book or see an individual therapist to deal with the effects of infidelity and betrayal?

    • The affair was a long time ago - Why is the betrayal shock lasting so long? Why don’t we just get better?

    • How is betrayal shock different than betrayal trauma and why does the difference matter?

    • How do I help my partner when they get caught in overwhelm or a betrayal cascade

    • My partner betrayed me and now they aren’t functioning! What should I do?

    • After infidelity, is it really necessary to have a couples therapist?

    • What is the beginning recovery from betrayal shock like? When will I feel better?

    • Why shouldn’t I ask my partner why they cheated on me?

    • Will our relationship ever be like it used to be?

    • Do we need to see a therapist?

    • What is the difference between betrayal shock and betrayal trauma?

    • Isn’t my response just an immense over reaction?

    • People cheat - What’s the big deal?

    • Why am I obsessed?

    • Why do we need a therapist?

    • How long does it take to recover from betrayal?

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